Tailing reds and Big trout in potholes!

Put int this morning around 7am and fished the Fort Desoto area. After a short paddle I started seeing tailing redfish in shallow water. The fish were very spooky and the tide was still slack so I decided to move on and continue scouting the area. Found more tailing fish just about every where I went, and located several schools of large trout in potholes 2-3 ft deep. Caught about 20 trout to 5 pounds on CAL golden bream paddle tail jigs before I decided to go after the redfish again. Found the redfish, still tailing, in the same area as I had left them. The fish were much more aggressive with the tide now coming in strong and though spooky were willing to feed. I landed one on a topwater and two on softplastics before heading in around noon. Water temps were in the low 60’s and the air temps were in the 70’s, starting to feeling like spring out there! Here’s a picture of the average size (20″) trout and the bait they were eating… would’ve had more photos, but I forgot my memory card at home and this was taken on my phone! By Spencer Goodwin


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