Oct 8 Tailing Redfish in Tampa Bay!

With winter time upon us we will begin to see very low tides, some times even negative (below mean low water), that provide excellent sight fishing opportunities for the kayak angler in Tampa Bay.

Mike and myself launched our kayaks into the waters of Tampa Bay around 7 am and paddled to the area I expected to find redfish tailing. Mike picked up a couple trout on topwater on the way, until we finally reached the spot I knew the fish would be in. We began slowly and thoroughly inspecting the flat for signs of tailing redfish and it wasn’t long before we saw tails breaching the surface. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story, enjoy!

Tackle used today: TFO 7 1/2 ft 6-12lb rods, 10 lb braided line, 20 lb leader, and the bait of choice for the tailers were exude’s fan tail shrimp.


oct-8-mike-tailing-red-3-e1286730801742 oct-8-mike-tailing-red7-e1286730667617 oct-8-tailing-red-31-e1286730850156

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