Kayaking for Snook

Put the kayak in this morning inside of Tampa Bay hoping to target some transitioning snook. I chose to target snook this morning because of the good moving outgoing tide which I prefer for snooking fishing. Bait was plentiful, especially finger mullet which is exactly what I wanted to see. The lures I had chosen today would imitate these bait fish very well.

Working mangrove islands, points, cuts and oyster bars I was able to catch at least a dozen or more underslot, ”cookie cutter” snook on topwater and subsurface plugs. I also lost a much larger snook that broke my leader after swallowing my plug deeper, as well as several follow ups from large fish as well.

If you like to snook fish now is the time! With winter bearing down on us, these fish will be actively gorging themselves for the upcoming winter until cooler temps force them into their winter time hide outs where they will become extremely inactive until spring.

Tackle used today, 6′6″ and 7′0 TFO 8-17 lb rods with 10 lb braid, and 30′ leader. The lures of choice were Super Spook Jr’s and Sebile stick shads.

Sorry no pictures, forgot to charge my camera the night before!

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