Fall & Winter Overview Report

Sorry for the lack of recent updates guys, I’ve been very busy of late and have been neglecting my site, but that’s going to change! So, instead of giving you individual reports from each day I’ve been out so far this past fall and winter, I’m going to give you a conglomerate report highlighting my past couple months best of the best!

First thing first, the redfishing has been outstanding! Winter time low tides trap fish in potholes, channel edges and troughs which allows for some non-stop rod bending action! I have been targeting these fish primarily with soft plastic baits, with my favorite this winter being the MirroLure ‘Lil John in golden bream and natural shrimp colors on 1/8 oz and 1/4oz jigheads.

Big gator trout have also been a primary target this time of year. Every winter big trout move into Tampa Bay and take up residence until late spring. “Gator” size trout are large, over 4 or 5 pounds and often as long as 24-27″ with even larger fish being possible as well. Aside from the larger trout, small, keeper sized trout are readily available and can provide some non stop action when you find a good school of them! For the larger fish, top water plugs during low light conditions has produced some of the biggest fish. Subsurface plugs and soft plastics have also brought in some very healthy specimens.

Flounder have filled the niche once occupied by the snook for us here on the west coast. After a brutal winter and huge decline in the snook’s population here, flounder fishing has taken the front stage. Targeting sandy potholes, drop offs and canals have been key. Using small jerk baits and swimming soft plastics like the ‘Lil John and DOA CAL shad tails, and slowing bouncing them along the bottom has been very productive.


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By Spencer Goodwin

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