Redfish for Selena and Jay!

Today I had the pleasure of taking Selena and Jay from Minnesota out in the kayaks on the flats of Tampa Bay. We are experiencing strong outgoing tides during the evening in correlation to the new moon so I opted to launch at 3 pm and fish the evening outgoing tide.

When we put the yaks in it was hot and balmy so we began wading mullet schools throwing spoons for redfish. We spent the first few hours going over how to properly work the spoon, the things I’m looking for on the flat, and fishing for redfish on the flats in general. After the tide finally dropped low enough we relocated to an area with deep potholes to continue our search for redfish. It didn’t take long for Selena to hook up to to a solid top slot redfish on the silver spoon and the fun began. We stayed in the area for several more hours working spoons and eventually topwater picking up redfish and trout.

We had intended to spend the last hour or so of daylight targeting tailing redfish, however on our way to my spot the wind picked up making it very difficult to spot them, and even more difficult to make accurate casts to them. We got off the water shortly after 9… Selena put a whoopin on Jay today, outfishing him by a landslide and catching her first redfish, which happened to be the biggest of the day!

Redfishing is in full swing right now, book a trip while the action is hot!

By Spencer Goodwin

Selena-and-Jay-Redfish-June-4-e1307384481613 Selena-Redfish-June-4-e1307384394694

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