Redfish on Fire

With tarpon season along the beaches winding down I’ve been focusing more of my efforts on redfish. I’ve been finding redfish in groups of 5 to several 100, especially during the lower evening tides created by the new and full moon. These fish have been feeding very aggressively, and have been tailing very consistently during lower tides. During high tides golden spoons and topwaters along the mangroves has been drawing good bites, with cut mullet being the bait of choice during the heat of the day. Once the tide has gotten low in the evening weedless paddle tail baits by DOA have worked very well.

Fish are schooling up all around Tampa Bay and the bite is only going to get better as we move forward into fall. Best bet to beat the heat is get out early and get in before the sun gets high, or wait until the evening for the sun to start falling in the horizon.

Be sure to check next month’s edition of magazine for an article by yours truly. I’ll also be giving a seminar Aug 3rd for the Kayak Angles of West Florida (KAWF) at the Good Lutheran Church in Sarasota at 7 so be sure to come by and check it out!

By Spencer Goodwin

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