Brandon got on the redfish today on artificials! 4/6/14

Some nasty weather is moving in the next few days and this looked to be the last trip I could get in for the next few days. This morning Brandon accompanied me out on Lower Tampa Bay for some redfish action in the kayaks. We started the morning early launching at 7 and working topwaters around mullet schools. We landed a few trout and had blow ups from redfish before moving on as the sun rose.

The tide went slack and we made the best of the next hour paddling through the mangrove islands and taking a rest on the beach. Along the way we saw a group of dolphins working a school of mullet, flinging fish into the air with their tails and tearing through the school. Awesome to see but not so much for the fishing!

Finally the tide began coming back in and we made the paddle back to the area I knew the redfish would be. We got set up throwing Slayer Inc soft plastic baits and it wasn’t long before Brandon hooked up to his first, and biggest, redfish ever.

Brandon redfish April 6



We continued to work the area without as much action as I had hoped for so we made a short move to where I knew the fish would be as the tide was coming in. It wasn’t long before we started catching redfish one after the other. All said and done we had landed 11 redfish total, all on pepper death color Slayer Inc baits.

Brandon redfish 3 April 6


Brandon redfish 2 April 6



By Spencer Goodwin

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