BIG schools of over slot tailing redfish gone crazy in Tampa Bay!

Just in time for tarpon season to slow down, the redfish action on the flats at low tide is on fire in Tampa Bay! Huge schools of over slot fish invade the flats and can be found aggressively tailing at low water in the evening, making the perfect opportunity for sight fishermen and fly fishermen. Schools can be anywhere from 50 to several hundred fish, all tailing at the same time – a literal feeding frenzy.

Through the course of my life I have spent countless hours learning the habits of these different schools of fish, and where these rare sights occur. Because of my experience with these fish, I have offer an opportunity that most guides cannot. If you want to see the real thing, huge schools of tailing redfish, then NOW is the time to book a trip. We would start in the late afternoons and fish until dark to help avoid the heat of the day. Perfect for the local angler stuck at work, there’s no rush to get on the water!

Last night I did some scouting for upcoming charters and found the fish right where I left them in April (and where I have been finding them for years, my entire life) and needless to say they did not disappoint. I hooked up on my very first cast of the day and myself and my guest doubled up on consecutive casts multiple times after that. All told we successfully released over a dozen large over slot redfish in the span of no more than a few hours. We literally left them biting.


An added bonus to these afternoon trips are the beautiful sunsets, enjoy the pics!


June 22 over slot tailer 2 June 22 ssb tailer June 22 over slot tailer June 22 sunset


By Spencer Goodwin



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