More tailing redfish bite on fire! 6/23/14

Got Father Carlos and company out yesterday afternoon to get on the tailing redfish madness. As expected the bite was again hot with huge schools of fish pushing wakes and tailing in extremely shallow water, making the perfect opportunity to sight fish one of Florida’s most sought after game fish.

After a short paddle to the flat where I’ve been finding the fish, I located the school in just a few minutes. We positioned in front of the school and for the second consecutive day we hooked up on the very first cast of the day. After a short fight Father Carlos landed his first of several big over slot redfish for the evening.

We continued to follow the schools around, and picked up another half dozen fish before darkness was on us and it was time to go in. All the fish were overslot, anywhere from 29-33″ or 10-13 pounds. All the fish were caught on Slayer Inc soft plastics in pepper death. When targeting tailing fish baits are great for imitating the shrimp they are feeding on.

Again we were treated with a beautiful sunset in spite of some cloud cover. I even got to catch one on the paddle in after the sun was already long gone.

Enjoy the  pics, back on it again this afternoon.

June 23 Father Carlos over slot June 23 Father Carlos another over June 23 sunset

June 23 over slot after dark


By Spencer Goodwin

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