Todd and Evan from Alabama got on the crazy redfish schools 6/29

Had Todd and Evan from Alabama out on a Sunday morning charters in the kayaks on Tampa Bay over the weekend. We launched at sunrise and paddled out looking for redfish. The morning started a little slow, we located a school of redfish tailing first thing in the morning, but they were very spooky and we weren’t able to get any eats out of the school.

We tried a couple different areas, searching for fish as the tide came in. Without much luck, we decided to look for the school we had found earlier to see if they might be a little more cooperative with the higher water. Needless to say we found the school of fish ferociously feeding very quickly. It did not take long for us to start hooking fish. We played with the school for a little while longer before they began to scatter.

All and all, it was a very successful day. They made us work for it, but that’s why they call it fishing. Patience and persistence pays off!


June 29 redfish June 29 redfish 2


By Spencer Goodwin

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