July 2 Evening trip with Amanda more over slot redfish action

After dropping off my morning trip and a lunch break, I got Amanda out with me again in the kayaks in Tampa Bay to get back on the redfish I had found earlier in the day. We pulled up to the spot and put baits out, cut threadfin and pinfish, and we were hooked up within minutes. After the first bite we were hooked up on almost every bait with a couple doubles thrown into the mayhem.

After the tide started to fall and the fish moved out of the area we were fishing we moved and I located a different school of fish that were very cooperative and willing to eat a well placed jig (Slayer Inc SST baby bass). After fooling with those we enjoyed a nice sunset and the wind at our backs on the paddle back. We were off the water shortly before dark. Even invited a redfish to come home for dinner.


July 2 Amanda redfish

July 2 Amanda redfish double


Just before going into the oven…

July 2 redfish dinner


By Spencer Goodwin


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