Insane tailing redfish schools fired up! July 6

After spending a long 4th of July weekend in Crystal River scalloping we got back Sunday afternoon with enough time to get out on the water and do some scouting for up coming charters. With a low incoming tide just before sunset I felt pretty confident we would be able to find the schools of redfish I have been targeting tailing.

After paddling to the spot, it took a little searching and some patience before the school finally showed themselves, and it didn’t take much effort for us to start catching them. My first cast in front of the school with a topwater plug got blasted. After that we switched to soft plastics and the results were the same… get a bait in front of the fish and hang on!

We caught all the rest of our fish on Slayer Inc SST (sinister swim tail) soft plastics with multiple double hook ups. My friend Sam and I each ended up with a slot fish to bring home for dinner that night. We could have stayed on the fish longer, but with two keepers and the sun going down we decided it would be best to head back and fire up the grill!


Enjoy the pics, check out the shots of  the fish tailing!


July 6 tailing redfish July 6 tailing redfish 2

July 6 sam redfish July 6 sunset redfish



By Spencer Goodwin

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