Tim got on the tailing redfish, dock light snook and got an inshore slam! July 7

Had Tim out for an afternoon kayak charter in Tampa Bay looking for the tailing redfish but also wanting to find some dock light snook. I chose a location that would offer us the potential to find tailing redfish but also the opportunity to find snook under dock lights once the sun went down.

We launched around 6 and after a decent paddle we arrived at the area I expected to find the redfish tailing. After some brief instructions on how to work his Slayer Inc SST paddle tail, Tim hooked a tailing fish on his very FIRST cast of the day! It would only get better from there, with a couple more tailing redfish before the sun finally went down.

After the sun had gone down we moved to some residential canals with lit dock lights that hold snook, trout, redfish and other species after dark. It did not take long for Tim to hook a nice snook off the second light we hit! Tim would go on to get a few more snook and a surprise trout to round out his inshore slam! Congrats Tim!

We were off the water around midnight, and definitely left them biting. Fishing at night is a great alternative to fishing during the heat of the day this time of year. While I have the redfish schools dialed in charters like this are very possible on a regular and consistent basis. If you want your shot tailing redfish, dock light snook or the elusive inshore slam now is the time!

Enjoy the pics.

July 7 Tim redfish

July 7 sunset

July 7 Tim snook July 7 Tim trout



By Spencer Goodwin

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