July 18 – 19 weekend redfish action

Had clients out Friday and Saturday to get on the redfish action in lower Tampa Bay.


On Friday morning we started a little after sun rise and fished the last part of the out going tide through the incoming tide. We had to work hard for the  bites we got, but we managed some nice over slot redfish and several bonnet head and black tip sharks for our efforts.

July 18 redfish


The following day we started right at first light to beat the weekend traffic. It did not take long for us to find the school of redfish I had been targeting, unfortunately they were very spooky and uncooperative. Throw in some boat traffic and things quickly became difficult. But with patience we were able to wait out the tide and found the fish right where I expected them to be. We were rewarded for our patience and efforts with some nice over slot fish.


July 19 Steve redfish


After getting off the water, I hooked up the Mitzi Skiff and myself and Will headed out to fish the afternoon. Most of the boat traffic had gotten off the water and we found very happy schools of fish that were extremely cooperative. We caught as many fish as we wanted and only left them once the sun had gotten too low for us to see them anymore. In only a few short hours we caught and realeased well over a dozen big over slot fish.


July 19 Will redfish 2 July 19 Will redfish 3 July 19 redfish July 19 Will redfish July 19 Will redfish 4

By Spencer Goodwin

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