August 18 Tailing redfish for Dave’s birthday!

Got out with Dave to do some evening redfishing for his birthday. We fished an area inside Tampa Bay that I had not fished as much recently but was confident we could be able to locate some schools of redfish tailing and pushing on the flat. We launched around 5 and as soon as we arrived on the flat we found a school of fish aggressively pushing through the water nad tailing as they went.

I hooked up on the first cast and Dave followed suit. We continued to follow the school around casting Slayer Inc soft plastics into them and Sebile topwaters catching fish almost every time we were able to make a well placed cast.

As always, we were treated to a beautiful sunset to send us off. Enjoy the pics!

Aug 18 over slot redfish Aug 18 over slot redfish 2 Aug 18 Dave over slot redfishAug 18 sunset


By Spencer Goodwin

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