Lobstering in Marathon for Mini Season

Got a spur of the moment invite from a buddy to make the trip down to Marathon for lobster mini season… spur of the moment to the trip, can I clear my schedule on short notice… of course! We made the drive down the night before and got into Marathon ¬†with just enough time to grab a few hours of sleep before we were on the boat and headed to our spot. At the crack of dawn we were in the water and we were on the lobster right away. Being my first time there was definitely a little bit of a learning curve, but it wasn’t long before I had the hang of it and we had our boat limit.

The house we were staying at was at the mouth of a canal on the Atlantic side of Marathon. Every morning and evening we noticed schools of tarpon rolling in our canal so we decided to give it a shot. Within only a few minutes I had one on… talk about cool!

We spent the next couple days lobstering and spear fishing, but mostly just enjoying the time off and being on the water. A great change of pace and much more enjoyable being in the water with all the heat! Didn’t get as many pictures as I had hoped but here are a few.


keys lobster 3 keys lobster 1 keys lobster 2jeys juvi tarpon


By Spencer Goodwin


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