Mid-August foul weather bass and snook fishing from land

We had a somewhat unusual weather pattern this month with lots of storms moving on shore during the morning as opposed to our usual pattern of storms forming inland and moving offshore in the late afternoon.

Unable to kayak and still wanting to fish we set out on foot to see what we could find in some residential ponds, canals and spillways. Certain ponds were full of nothing but bass, but other ponds that were connected via culverts to saltwater had snook and even juvenile tarpon in them.

Using Slayer Inc SST soft plastics in baby bass we caught a mess of bass and some really nice snook to 34″. The action can be hit or miss but the foul weather and falling barometer helps to get these fish active. If for nothing else, it beats sitting on the couch all day!

Aug 11 baby bass bass Aug 11 placido bass Aug 11 Sam bass

Aug 15 Sam snook 2 Aug 15 Sam snook


By Spencer Goodwin

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