Aug 27 Big snook on the flats and redfish schools

Got out for an early morning trip with Sergi and went looking for some redfish schools that have recently moved into the Lower Tampa Bay area. We launched just before sunrise at 6:45 to beat the heat and the boat traffic. After a decent paddle we arrived to the area I had been finding the school of redfish and it did not take long for me to spot the school pushing in shallow water.We threw topwater plugs and sebile stick shads at them before the fish ended up pushing off the flat with the out going tide and into deeper water.

Unable to relocate them we moved on to an area I had found some fish the previous day at low water. We got out of the kayaks and began wading, casting into mullet schools and sand holes when I got thumped by something big. After some drag screaming runs and some intense moments I landed a trophy 37″ snook. After a quick photo and revival she was back on her way to make more baby snook! As the morning went on the fishing slowed and the boat traffic picked up. We decided to call it a day around noon.

Aug 27 sunrise Aug 27 snook


By Spencer Goodwin

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