Sept 2 Tailing redfish action with Jack at sunset

Had Jack out with me this evening to look for the schools of redfish tailing. We launched our kayaks into Tampa Bay a little after 4 pm and paddled out. Upon arriving to the flat where I anticipated the redfish to be we went over some basics, how to use the lures etc when I spotted the school pushing towards us. We took several shots at the school but were unsuccessful. The fish were moving fast and seemed relatively spooky. Fortunately, the fish calmed down and we were able to get some really good shots at them when Jack finally hooked up! The action would remain steady until dark when we made the long paddle back.

In one of the pictures, notice the disturbance near the mangroves, that is the school of redfish pushing through the water. Only fishing fro ma kayak will allow anglers to get this close to a school of this size. There is no better way to approach these fish!

All the fish were caught on Slayer Inc Lure’s SSB in pepper death color rigged weedless.


Sept 2 Jack redfish Sept 2 redfish school Sept 2 sunset


By Spencer Goodwin

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