Evening lowtides with Jeff and company, big snook and tailing redfish Sept 6 & 7

Had Jeff and a couple of his friends out on the evenings of the 6th and 7th to do some low tide fishing for tailing redfish. We launched around 5 both nights and paddled out looking for the same reliable schools of redfish that I have been targeting lately. Both nights it did not take long for us to find them and the fun to begin. Using Slayer Inc Lure soft plastics and topwater Spook Jr’s we caught several redfish out of the school each night.

The real treat came on the second evening though. While chasing the school of fish and working topwaters through the sand holes and depressions on the flat Jeff hooked into something big. At first we were thinking redfish, and for good reason. But after a couple drag screaming runs I had a hunch it might be something else. Eventually the fish came up to the surface and we realized it was a big snook! I hopped out of my kayak, cradled the fish and it was time for a brief photoshoot! The fish was 37″ long and roughly 15-18 pounds, his second biggest snook ever! A real trophy.

Both nights we were treated to world class sunsets, it’s great when everything comes together.

You don’t choose your fish, your fish chooses you.

Enjoy the pics!

Sept 7 paddling Sept 7 redfish 6 Sept 7 redfish Sept 7 redfish 2 Sept 7 redfish 3 Sept 7 redfish 4 Sept 7 redfish 5 Sept 7 snook

Sept 7 sunset Sept 7 sunset 2



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