Sept 10 Full moon redfish

Got out in the evening near St. Petersburg around the mouth of Tampa Bay in the kayaks  to look for some schools of redfish tailing during the last few hours of daylight and see if we could find the fish after the sun had gone down.

Upon arriving to the area I expected the school to be I immediately spotted them and they jumped all over a topwater plug, first cast of the day. After landing the fish and snapping a few pics the wind suddenly picked up from an approaching storm. We sought shelter and waited for the storm to pass. Fortunately the rain did not get us but the increased winds made it difficult to spot the fish.

Finally around dark the wind calmed and I was able to locate the school of fish. We caught several fish out of the school over the next couple hours by the light of the full moon before the tide had gotten too high.

We ended up calling it a night around mid night.


Sept 10 full moon redfish Sept 10 redfish


By Spencer Goodwin

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