Sept 12 topwater redfish insanity!

Met my buddy Josh at a boat ramp in St. Pete early in the morning to get out looking for some redfish schools from his skiff. We had low falling water and our initial plan was to look for fish tailing and throw topwaters. We launched a little after sunrise and found a happy school of fish tailing and pushing at the first spot we arrived to. It did not take long for us to double up on topwaters which set the tone of the rest of the day.

We stayed with the fish until the tide had bottomed out and stopped moving when they no longer were showing. We ran to a restaurant on the water in St. Pete Beach for lunch and waited for the tide to turn. Once the tide began coming in, we ran back to the same area and found the fish almost immediately.

The fish were fired up and even though it was the middle of the day they ate the topwaters voraciously. Every time we got in front of the school we doubled up with topwaters. We literally threw topwaters at them all day.

By the time it was all said and done we had caught a couple dozen fish and easily could have caught more but with some serious sun burns going on we decided to get off the water and save ourselves!

RIGHT NOW is the BEST redfishing of the year and it’s only going to get better. If redfish is what you want now is the time to go!

Sept 12 topwater redfish 2 Sept 12 josh redfish Sept 12 josh redfish 2 Sept 12 redfish double Sept 12 topwater redfish


By Spencer Goodwin

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