Sept 15 More insane redfish action and some monsters!

Met Josh again in St. Pete to drop his skiff in around mid day to catch the low incoming tide. After a few hours of looking we didn’t have much to show for. We had found a couple areas holding fish but they weren’t interested. Like the other day we decided to run to a restaurant on the water in St. Pete Beach for some sandwiches and a few cold ones to let the tide fill in.

We ran back out and almost immediately spotted a school of fish working on a large grass flat. With the trolling motor we got around the fish and positioned up from them and almost immediately our baits got crushed. The fish in this particular school were of the larger variety with the smallest fish being around 32″ and the largest being close to 40″ (12-20 pounds).

I’ll let the pics tell the story, but the redfishing is as good as it gets right now!

Sept 15 redfish triple Sept 15 40 inch red Sept 15 jeff redfish Sept 15 Josh redfish Sept 15 josh redfish 2


By Spencer Goodwin

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