Sept 29 Redfish action in St. Petersburg with Eugene

Got out with Eugene around 1:30 to look for some redfish near St. Petersburg yesterday in the kayaks. The trip was a little late notice and the weather was not the greatest but we decided to launch anyway. After a decent paddle to the area we would be fishing we almost immediately located a school of redfish. It was a little windy and the fish were moving quickly, eluding us at first. Eventually though we were able to get on the school and Eugene caught several big over slot redfish up to around 33″ and 12 pounds on Slayer Inc soft plastics and Sebile topwaters baits.

After fooling with the redfish we moved on and got into some snook action. The tide had moved in and the snook were around the mangroves blowing up on bait fish. Incoming weather had the snook fired up, making the risk of getting rained on worth it. Eugene was able to land his first ever snook and several other similar sized fish. Eventually however, our luck ran out and it was time to high tail it in before the rain could get us.

Not bad for a four hour charter!

Sept 29 Eugene redfish 4 Sept 29 Eugene redfish Sept 29 Eugene redfish 2 Sept 29 Eugene redfish 3Sept 29 Eugene snook


By Spencer Goodwin

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