Nov 11 – On boat tutorial with Jacob and his pops

Met up with Jacob and his dad around 7 am and put their boat in the water. Jacob had recently purchased a new skiff and was having trouble catching big redfish. Fortunately, this is where I come in. We idled out and after a short run we began working the flat around mullet schools with sebiles and Slayer Inc soft plastics. We caught a few trout and a few snook as the tide fell, but no redfish.

Just as I had predicted, once the tide had bottomed out we started seeing the redfish we were looking for. With high pressure over top of us, and windy conditions the bite was not easy. We opted to switch over to cut mullet and that was the ticket. We picked at ’em for a little before we found them solid in an area where we started putting a hurtin on ’em. Unfortunately, Jacob had to be off the water by 1:30 so we were forced to leave them biting.

Jacob and his father got their limit of top slot redfish to take home and learned some of the skills necessary for finding and successfully catching redfish.

For those of you interested in an on boat tutorial, shoot me an email and we can make it happen!



Nov 11 redfish double

Nov 11 redfish double 2


By Spencer Goodwin

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