Fishing with Brent and Dave from North Carolina in Fort Desoto 11/30/14

Met with Dave and Brent around noon in Fort Desoto Park to put the kayaks in for some low tide action. With recent cold fronts and a low tide mid day, there was no reason to get started early. Allowing the sun to warm up the flats would make the fish more active, and hopefully give us a better opportunity to get into some good action.

After launching we found lots of boats on the water, particularly mullet boats. This time of year is roe mullet season and commercial mullet fishermen are out in force. While their fishing activities can disturb the inshore fishing for us rod and reel anglers, you cannot fault a man for trying to make a living.

So in spite of the disruption that was occurring on the flats we paddled out and after a longer paddle than anticipated we began wading. The guys hooked into redfish, trout and flounder, although none were very big and thus not picture worthy. The fishing would prove to be tough and we had to move around quite a bit, switching baits and trying different areas. Finally Brent hooked into a nice redfish that would end up begin the highlight of our trip.

We stayed out until sunset and even with our best efforts that would end up being our final tally for the day. We did however get to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

That’s why they call it fishing folks!

Nov 30 Dave redfish Nov 30 sunset


By Spencer Goodwin

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